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Gallery of Data Visualization: Best and Worse

Thursday, June 26, 2008
Dear students,

Check out this website on data representation.

Gallery of Data Visualization The Best and Worst of Statistical Graphics

This is something that cuts across Geography and many inter-related sciences and math.

The message here is - your graphic should represent the data you want to explore and elaborate on.


Looking at the profile of 2008 Semester 2 students

Thursday, June 12, 2008
Dear students,

For those students taking GE1102 in 2008 semester 2, can you please try out this link? This will apply to M08104, Mo8105, M08106 and M08107.


It is about Multiple Intelligences and I think it will be useful to fill in your top 2 intelligences in a form to the incoming geography representatives so I know what is the profile of the learners I am dealing with. This will probably influence the design of the assignments as well as activities I am interested in innovating for this cohort.

Many thanks.
Miss Chen

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