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What is a TEU?

Dear students,

The internet is a maze of information, and I understand your frustrations in not knowing how a "1 TEU" looks like.

1 TEU = a 20 feet equivalent unit container

This means 20 feet containers like the container below is 1 TEU.

So what's the biggie about calling it 1 TEU?

TEU refers to the capacity of container ships while the container is, well, simply a container when the people doing the packing look at it!

Why have different names? Well, this is because of the 2 TEU!

2 TEU can mean a 40 feet container like the one below or 2 20-feet containers.

So using TEU is a lot simpler. Of course, the world of containers have become a lot more exciting with containers that open both ways, containers with refigerators called reefer containers and open top containers that can accomodate tractor or special mining vechicle's kind of super big wheels. It's very exciting.

Imagine you have to stack containers in a container ship with the exact precision you stack Uno stacko cards, and you need to program a software that communicates with the cranes lifting the containers in and out when the ship docks into your berth, and you need to co-ordinate trucks and trailers on standby to move the incoming and outgoing containers around. You need a computer to do that okay? Don't fry your brains, little ones. Especially the maths whizzes in our midst!

Check out such a system at this website!

To streamline your burning desire to know more about containers - shipping is a very good industry to go into, make sure you are good at programming or with math or just have good plain commonsense with training in geography (pay attention in class huh), google "shipping" or "logistics" and read about it.

To know about the world of containers, read this website!


All container photos on this post was taken from Mrbox.co.uk. website. :)

I love the logistics and shipping part of this module. So fun!
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