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What a big gal!

I am covering transport technologies in Globalization now and an article on this beautiful container ship caught my eye as I was reading the newspapers.

It is on Emma Maersk, the world's biggest container ship in the world, with a capacity of 11000 TEUs!! Oh my goodness! That's very big!

The largest ship before Emma was Shenzhen shipping line's OOCL with 8068 TEUs.

Check out the beauty!

Photo taken from:

The shipping gazette carries a feature on it:


What difference big gal makes in globalization:

Updated: 6 Nov 2006

Christmas is around the corner and according the the graph that I placed in 2006 Sem 2 paper Q7, exports from Asia to other regions, especially Europe and US, usually hit sky-high around this time.

Here are a few articles on people in Europe who are veru concerned with the huge export of goods Emma Maersk is bringing over from China.

News from UK

Christmas is coming

Canada covering the news too.

Christmas ship embarks on Santa-like voyage

So who says globalization doesn't affect people? Don't underestimate this giant gal. She brings big news where ever she goes.

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5:11 AM

Nice ship!  

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