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Our Singapore history (economic aspects)

Hi students!

Okay, Miss Chen is a little cranky from her research on Singapore so she's blogging here for a while.

A simple writing tip for you project

I'm currently writing a review of Singapore's development as part of my thesis. Part of a good review is to critically evaluate multiple sources and choose to paraphrase some historical accounts, bearing in mind what are the key information one want to highlight. In this case, I'm trying to narrate Singapore's development, with an emphasis on development aspects I see as having an impact on Singapore's educational policies and directions. Before you slap your forehead and wonder what Miss Chen is doing *I like doing my homework okay?*

Check out this EDB website that tells you about the economic development of Singapore. This is EDB's perspective. Just one of the many sources I consult. This website serves as a "mini peephole" into understanding Singapore's economic development.


Of course, you need to ask yourself what is 'missing' from their account. Since this is economic, there are the social, political, cultural and environmental aspects one need to think about. Remember SPECS okay? It reminds you to consider all factors (CAF).

Just some pointers: try to catch yourself asking these questions as you do writing:

  1. What are the economic aspects brought out?

  2. What questions do I have?

  3. What will I like to know more about?

  4. What are its inter links? Where should I see them? Justifiable in context?

  5. Why do I see development this way?

  6. What is my personal experience of growing up in Singapore?

  7. What are the events that I'm most sensitive to?

  8. Where are my biases?

  9. Why do I have these associations?

  10. How do I express it?

  11. Why do I choose to write my sentence this way?

  12. Is the information presented objective enough? Did I side with any of my materials' biases I consulted?
(written from Miss Chen's perspective, adapt for your own)

Think, think hah! Writing is a very thought-provoking and intellectually stimulating process. I hope you will learn to enjoy it as you prepare your module project. What I will encourage you to do is to "try to catch yourself asking yourself questions". I'm sure some of you do it to some degree. Try it!

The more you ask yourself and try to answer your own such questions, the better your meta-cognition, which is another way to make yourself smarter! Have fun. Gambate! ;P
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